Strategy Session

Book a strategy session with Ayesha Hilton to help you get clarity on what you are wanting to create, get answers to technical problems, work out how the card deck works within your business or long term vision.

What we can do in your strategy session

Meet with Ayesha one-on-one to work on your card deck, AI art generation, or other creative project.

For a card deck, if you are at the conception phase, you can work with Ayesha to brainstorm ideas, look at how the deck will integrate with your business and your long term vision.

The session will be held on zoom and you will receive a recording of the session.

Why have a strategy session?

Your session can be tailored to your needs. For example, we can look at the following:
Card concept and theme
Sourcing artwork specific to your theme
How to integrate it with your existing business
How it might serve as part of your bigger vision
Any tech problems or issues you might have
How to market your card deck
And anything else you may be wanting clarity on

Please note, if you are in the UK/Europe, you will mostly likely not find a suitable  time for a session in the booking system. Please book a time and then email me and we can swap it to a more suitable time. Normally, I can do sessions at about 8am or 9am London time.