Ensure Your Deck is the Best it Can Be

I will review your deck with you and make sure it is ready for printing and/or uploading to Deckible.

 I have created more than 40 decks for myself and clients and that has given me a great idea of what works and what doesn't.  

I have also worked with a range of printers and can advise you about having print ready files.

How it works...

Please book a time for us to meet on zoom to review your deck. 
Please send me a PDF of your deck or a link to your Canva file (details will be emailed to you on how to do this) beforehand if you like.
Otherwise, we can just review together on the call.

Card Deck Review: $147USD

Hi! I'm Ayesha

I am a spiritual entrepreneur, creative, and author. I have been mentoring spiritually aligned business women for more than 10 years. I have supported so many amazing women get more of their magic out into the world.  

As a young teenager, I suffered from extreme migraines and other health issues. I came across Louise Hay and quickly devoured her work. I then explored a range of other personal development teachings and content.

There is something magical about creating a beautiful uplifting product.  Inspired by the work of Brené Brown, I created my own card deck called Permissions Slips as a passion project.  

After I created them, other people contacted me to ask me for advice on creating their own card decks. So in 2020, during the craziness that was Covid, I ran live workshops on zoom showing people how they too could create their own card decks easily and without a huge financial outlay.  

Since then, more people have been wanting to learn how to make their own cards, so that’s why I’ve created the Card Deck Creators Toolkit.

I fell in love with Deckible and I truly believe in the app and how it will make decks more accessible to people around the world!

So if you've been dreaming of creating your own inspirational, affirmation, or oracle card deck, just know, you can do it! And I am here to support you.