You're invited to join the Soul Stock Boutique!
Save time, money, and effort communicating
your soul's message with beautiful images!


Most stock image companies will charge anywhere from $27 to $97 per month for this kind of value. or charge per image. And that's without the added benefit of having a like-minded community.
I wanted to create a stock image membership every soulful creator could afford for just $7 a month.

Introducing the Soul Stock Boutique

Build and grow your soulful business by sharing your message and wisdom
with the world in a way that is beautiful, inspiring, and effortless.

 You know that captivating visuals and design are essential for building a successful brand and connecting with your audience.

But with so much on your plate, it can be challenging to find the time and resources to create or find beautiful, engaging images that truly reflect your unique vision and values.

That's where the Soul Stock Boutique comes in. Our membership is designed specifically for soulful creators like you who want to infuse their content with authenticity, creativity, and purpose - as well as beauty!

Here's what you get when you join the Stock Boutique monthly membership:

You Get Gorgeous Images
specifically designed for soulful
creators, coaches, healers & psychics

2  Image Collections
per month

All images come with full Commercial Licence

Get high resolution png files and lower resolution jpg files

Additional Image Collections
upon joining

Private Facebook Community
for Soulful Creators

Input into future
Image Collections

Canva Files with Images

I wanted to make things as easy for your to access the images when you need them. So you also get the Images Collections in Canva files.

This is great if you don't have a lot of memory on your computer or you simply want to access the images from Canva.

You can either download the ones you want as png or jpg files, or copy and paste them into a file you are working on in Canva.

Super easy!

Get these bonus image collections when you join!

You've tried to do this yourself...

  • Buying images from stock image sites
  • Using images on Canva
  • Creating images yourself with either an AI generator, Procreate, or other program
  • Trying to get images created by an outsource worker on Fiverr or other site
  • Getting confused by all the different terms and conditions, and limits on what you can do with the images

And often the images you do find are too mainstream or too expensive
and just don't capture the energy and essence you want

So you could try this instead...

  • Get 2x30 plus new images each month created by fellow spiritual entrepreneur and creator
  • Use images that are suited to a more spiritual, heart-centred, soul-based business
  • Receive full commercial license of all images so there's no question about how you can use them
  • Join a community of fellow soulful creators like yourself so that you're not having to go it alone
  • Provide input into the creation of future collections

Here are some of the recent collections:

Please note, these may not be available within the membership when you join, and are shared here to show you what types of image collections you get as a member. All stock image collections are also available as stand alone collections that you can purchase separately.

Hi there! I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha).

I am a spiritual entrepreneur, creative, and author. I have been mentoring spiritually aligned business women for more than 10 years.

I have supported so many amazing women get more of their magic out into the world. My signature offering - the Card Deck Creators Toolkit - has helped over 1,000 people who want to design and publish their own card decks.

It's my mission to help as many soul-centered and spiritual women to share their message with the world.

The world needs you! Are you ready to share your message more with stunning visuals?


Yes, you can join at any time. At the moment, I am offering this at a Founders price for those that jump into the membership at the beginning. If you join later, I cannot guarantee the current price. (I don't have any plans to raise the price at this stage). If this isn't the right time for you, you can consider joining later. There's no pressure here!

Each month you will receive two Image Collections. You will be emailed the google drive links to download and unzip the files. You will also get access to Canva files with the images so if you don't want to download the images to your computer, you will have them in Canva.  All the links will also be in this membership portal, under Latest Collections. 

After two months, each image collection will be archived to make it fair for long-term members who are paying the ongoing membership fee.

Previous collections are available for purchase separately and links to buy will be available in the Catalogue of All Collections.  

If you are a long-term member, you get access to any collections released during your membership period. Please save emails from us that have the download links as a reference so that if you do not download the collection while it is active in the membership, you can download them later.

If you lose or delete the emails, our support team can provide you with the links again.

You will receive two image collections per month. Each collection will have a different theme and will include a minimum of 30 images. 

You will receive all images in two sizes - one suitable for print and the other suitable for online use (socials, website, etc..

You can use the images for your website, socials, and in printed marketing materials and products (such as journals, books, ebooks, workbooks, and more).

Yes, you will be able to use the images under normal commercial license arrangements. This means, you can use the images as described above. You cannot resell individual images as stock images in their own right. You can use the images on products, websites, and socials, etc.

You will receive an email immediately after you sign up. This will give you access to the Soul Stock Boutique online portal. Access to the private Facebook community will be given within 24 hours of you requesting to join (during the work week - I take the weekend off, but if I see your request while I am on my phone, of course, I will add you!).

Yes, this a monthly membership. You can cancel at anytime. There is no lock-in contract. There are instructions in the portal on how to cancel your membership (it's quite and easy).

I mostly use Midjourney to generate images. I then edit and modify images in Photoshop. I have a full private account with Midjourney that allows me to create images with commercial rights.

Here's what others have said about my Card Deck Creators Toolkit...

(The Soul Stock Boutique is a new offering so I don't have any testimonials yet, but the ones I share on this page will show you the quality of what I offer.)

 "Crikey! The Canva demo was great. So was looking at the order page process. The whole thing was really useful." 

"It was the best workshop I’ve attended for some time now so thanks. I love that you got straight into it with no waffling and no fluff! I’m all set for a new deck now!"


 "Thank you Ayesha for such a wonderful class. You have literally saved me hours of research. Ayesha has a wealth of knowledge and she delivers this knowledge so clearly and compassionately. I highly recommend any of her classes. Not to mention the after care and resources she gives. Forever Grateful!

 "I really enjoyed this class. Even though I had created a card deck before I found more inspiration in the class by being part of a group of others who also were interested. It allowed me to free myself up creatively again which I felt was getting stuck and stuck and stagnant." 

Shannon Summergreene

Marie McAneney

Sharon Veness

Vicki Martin

Cheri Hayashi

Nantah Enson

Maureen Mann

May Casos

Anna Martinez

Alex Vitillo

Are you ready to receive gorgeous images each month to help you share your soul's message with the world?