Get Your 3D Mockups

Do you have a Print Book, eBook, Journal, Workbook, or Coloring Book you would love to have 3D Mockups for?

Get your customized mockups for your socials, website, and store listings (great for Amazon and Etsy).

What is a 3D Mockup?

A 3D mockup of a book, ebook, journal, or workbook is a digital representation of the product that simulates what it would look like in the physical world. It typically includes a 3D model of the product cover, gives your potential customer a more realistic and engaging representation of the product.

Why use a 3D Mockup?

A 3D mockup can help you sell your ebook, book, journal, or workbook by providing potential customers with a more realistic and engaging visual representation of your product.

Rather than just seeing a flat cover image, a 3D mockup can create the illusion of a physical book or product, which can be more visually appealing and help the potential customer envision what the product will look like in real life. This can help the customer feel more confident and excited about their purchase.

Furthermore, a 3D mockup can be used to showcase the product in a variety of settings and angles, which the customer could imagine themselves using the product.

For example, if you have a cookbook, you can use a 3D mockup to show the book sitting on a kitchen counter with various ingredients and utensils nearby. This can help to convey the idea that the book is practical, easy to use, and relevant to the customer's interests.

A 3D mockup can be a powerful tool to help you visually communicate the value of your product to potential customers and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

What do you get in your 3D Product Mockup Package?

When you purchase the Custom 3D Product Mockup Package, you will get:
20 Mockups of your Book, eBook, Journal, Coloring Book OR Workbook

In the project brief, you can specify the types of mockup you would like, including:

  • Format - on tablet, phone, or printed
  • With a person
  • In an environment - such as on a bed, with a coffee
  • And much more

Please note: this package is for just one specific product - a Book, eBook, Journal, Coloring Book, or Workbook. At the moment, I can't do 3D Mockups for Card Decks.

What do you need to provide?

You will need to provide the cover of your project as png or PDF file.
You will upload this when you complete the project brief.