Forget Discord! Now you can use Midjourney in a Browser!

Join Midjourney obsessed creator, me - Ayesha Hilton - in this free  Midjourney Alpha Taster. 

If you were one of the people that found the whole Discord thing just too hard and overwhelming, you are not alone. The Midjourney team have been beavering away get their browser based version up and running in order to make Midjourney more accessible. 

 If you've been using Midjourney in Discord but want to know how to use Alpha. 

Or, you've never used Midjourney but you're curious, especially now you don't have to only use Discord.

In this Midjourney Alpha session, you will get all the essentials so that you can start generating images the easier way.

This is a recording of a live session held in May 2024. 
It includes a Midjourney Allpha Guide to help you get the most out of the Alpha version.

About Ayesha Hilton


I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha) and I'm an avid Mijdourney and AI user (early adopter) as well as a deck creator, spiritual entrepreneur, and author with a passion for helping others with their creative projects. 

Midjourney has changed my life! This is a big claim, I know. I have had so much joy using Midjourney to create gorgeous images. I use these images in my business for commercial purposes (mostly in oracle card decks and books for myself and clients, as well as in my marketing and socials). 

I have a membership where I create image collections for members using Midjourney and other image generators. 

I first started using Midjourney in 2022, and immediately started teaching others how to use it. I have since generated 50,000 plus images! 

So if you want to jump down the rabbit hole with me and get lost in the world of AI generated art, I invite you to come join this Midjourney Alpha Taster with me.