Publish Your Deck on Deckible

The future of card decks is digital and you can publish your  digital deck on Deckible with the help of this course!

Ideal for Coaches, Authors, Healers, Psychics, Wellness Practitioners, Educators, Therapists, Artists, & Creators who already have a deck!

I want to show you how to quickly and easily upload your deck to Deckible

I have been in love with Deckible since I discovered it in May 2022 during it's beta development.

Deckible is going to revolutonize how we use card decks.

This is the first ever Deckible course and it  has been created with the full support Deckible, Nick Kellet.

I want to help you publish your deck on Deckible easily and quickly!


Be part of the revolution of card decks!

Deckible is revolutionizing the card deck industry.  
Just like the self-publishing of books disrupted the book publishing industry, Deckible is changing the card deck publishing.

 And you get to be part of the revolution and publish your deck on this amazing platform. 

Here are just some of the reasons Deckible is changing the card deck industry:

Digitizing Decks
We have seen the successful digitizing of books, music and videos - think Audible, Spotify, Amazon KDP, Netflix, etc. 
Until Deckible, there hasn't been a great app for decks that is sophisticated and easy to use.

100s of Decks in Your Pocket
We all have mobile phones and with Deckible, you can have 100s of decks in your pocket anytime, anywhere.  Deck lovers can access decks anywhere, anytime!

Deck Marketplace
Deckible is a targeted marketplace for deck lovers. As deck creators, we all know how easy it is to want more decks. Deckible provides exposure to people who love decks and are potential purchasers of your deck - all around the world! If you think of Audible, Etsy, Amazon - they are all marketplaces and now we have one for card decks. 
And if you do have a physical deck, you can link to that from your digital deck on Deckible.

Enhanced User Experience
With Deckible, you can include audio and video to support your deck, as well as journaling prompts. Readings are saved. People can journal straight into the app. And you can even create custom spreads.
This is an amazing opportunity to build connection with your deck users and provide a multi-sensory experience.

Greener Solution - Good for the Environment
With Deckible, we no longer need to print as many paper decks nor ship them. This means less resources are used to get our decks into deck lovers' hands.  

Saves You Time & Money
Deckible takes care of selling your deck, so you don't have to set up a shopping cart or doing anything technically fancy. You get to be part of an ever-growing global market place - without having to pay for expensive printing and shipping.  And you can still sell a physical deck as well.

Supporting the Creator Community
Deckible was created by Nick Kellet to support the card deck creator community. The premise of the whole app is to build our community and support our creative work. You own your work and you get to set the price and still sell a print deck!

Learn How to Publish Your Deck on Deckible

Here's what you get to easily
publish your card deck on Deckible

This is for creators that already have a card deck. If you do not have a card deck, please see my Card Deck Creators Toolkit to learn how to create your card deck in Canva.

Short Step-By-Step Instructions to show you how to publish your deck to Deckible

1. The publishing process

Find out what the process is to publish your deck on Deckible. There are a ton of steps in the process, but I break them down for you so it's easy to do.

2. Prepare your artwork

Find out how to resize your artwork in Canva to optimize it for Deckible. This is for Card Deck Creator Toolkit students who have created their cards in Canva and need to resize them for Deckible. Printed cards use inches/mm/cms - Deckible uses pixels.

2. How to upload your deck to deckible

All the instructions on how to create a new deck, create the datasheet, upload card images, audio and video files, as well as creating your profile and getting links for your deck and much more.

Note: Deckible uses data from a CSV/spreedsheet file to create your deck information. You then upload your card deck (including card sides, audio, and video) and box design images. Completing the CSV file is the longest part of the process.

3. Design Your Deckible Box

Design the box for your deck in Canva quickly and easily with a premade templates you can drop images into. The images you create for the box are uploaded to Deckible and the app renders a 3D box that is shown in the marketplace.

4. Review & Edit Your Deck

Find out how to edit your deck and what you should be looking for when you review your deck on the Deckible app.

5. publish your deck

Set your deck to publish, wait for it to get approved, and then start promoting it!


Shannon Summergreene

Marie McAneney

Sharon Veness

Vicki Martin

Cheri Hayashi

Nantah Enson

Maureen Mann

May Casos

Sarah Brink

Alex Vitillo

Laura West

Janet Joslin


If you don't know me from a bar of soap, I love creating card decks and other gorgeous things (like coloring books and journals).

I am very organized and have a background in technical writing, so I know all about structuring information into bite sized chunks so you can rest assured, my stuff is organised!

My highest values are personal growth, sovereignty,  spirituality, and pleasure. I live these values in my personal and professional life. My business is built on love!

I live in regional Australia with my two kids and their cats. I am usually doing at least one or two course at a time as I love learning and have about seven books on my bedside table and a journal. 

Hi! I'm Ayesha

I am a spiritual entrepreneur, creative, and author. I have been mentoring spiritually aligned business women for more than 10 years. I have supported so many amazing women get more of their magic out into the world.  

As a young teenager, I suffered from extreme migraines and other health issues. I came across Louise Hay and quickly devoured her work. I then explored a range of other personal development teachings and content.

There is something magical about creating a beautiful uplifting product.  Inspired by the work of Brené Brown, I created my own card deck called Permissions Slips as a passion project.  

After I created them, other people contacted me to ask me for advice on creating their own card decks. So in 2020, during the craziness that was Covid, I ran live workshops on zoom showing people how they too could create their own card decks easily and without a huge financial outlay.  

Since then, more people have been wanting to learn how to make their own cards, so that’s why I’ve created the Card Deck Creators Toolkit.

I fell in love with Deckible and I truly believe in the app and how it will make decks more accessible to people around the world!

So if you've been dreaming of creating your own inspirational, affirmation, or oracle card deck, just know, you can do it! And I am here to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can publish their deck on Deckible. 

No worries, I provide clear and concise instructions to help you publish your deck on Deckible.

Immediately! As soon as you register, you will be asked to set up your login details for the learning portal. You will also receive an email immediately as well!

Nope! It’s a one-time payment with lifetime access to the course.

You have lifetime access to everything included in this course. And the best part? I regularly update the course and you get these future updates for free. 

You don't need any special software, other than an internet browser like Chrome, so you can access the course and upload your deck to Deckible. You will need computer or latop.

This course is for creators that already have a card deck. If you do not have a card deck, please see my Card Deck Creators Toolkit to learn how to create your card deck in Canva.

More Love from Amazing  Card Deck Creator Students

 "Crikey! The Canva demo was great. So was looking at the order page process. The whole thing was really useful." 

"It was the best workshop I’ve attended for some time now so thanks. I love that you got straight into it with no waffling and no fluff! I’m all set for a new deck now!"

 "Thank you Ayesha for such a wonderful class. You have literally saved me hours of research. Ayesha has a wealth of knowledge and she delivers this knowledge so clearly and compassionately. I highly recommend any of her classes. Not to mention the after care and resources she gives. Forever Grateful!

 "I really enjoyed this class. Even though I had created a card deck before I found more inspiration in the class by being part of a group of others who also were interested. It allowed me to free myself up creatively again which I felt was getting stuck and stuck and stagnant." 



You have already created a deck


You want your deck to reach a wider audience


You love the idea of a sophisticated card deck app