Turn your dream into a published deck!

As a coach, author, healer, psychic, wellness practitioner, or artist
who loves card decks, you may have been dreaming of creating your own card deck for a while now. This toolkit will show you how!

Are you tired of dreaming of creating your own deck and feeling stuck...

❌You're not a designer & don't know how to design your card deck

❌You don't know how to get the right images for your deck or you have your own artwork but don't know what to do next

❌You don't know how & where to get them printed

❌You're worried it will take too long and cost too much

❌You're sick of procrastinating because you feel overwhelmed

Now imagine this...

✔️You have easily created your dream deck

✔️You have a beautiful product to share with the world

✔️You've expressed your wisdom and experience

✔️ Your deck has a life beyond you
✔️And you have an additional revenue stream

I had a dream to create a deck. I was a coach not a designer. I learnt how to create my own decks and have since helped more than 1,200 people like you with their decks (and most of them didn't have design skills). 


What if you could stop dreaming about creating your deck and finally get your deck done by learning to design and publish your deck with a proven path that guides you?

The Card Deck Creators Toolkit will guide you all the way!

The Card Deck Creators Toolit

Perfect for Coaches, Authors, Healers, Psychics,
Wellness Practitioners, Artists, & Creators

I have seen similar courses range in price from $247 to $997.
But I decided to offer this course at a price that is accessible for just $97 USD.

Learn How to Create Your Own Inspiring Card Deck

Short Step-By-Step Videos guide you through creating and printing your own card deck. 
These videos are short and to the point and tell you exactly what you need to know so you can take action each step of the way.

✔️ Choose your deck topic/theme
✔️Choose a style for your deck
✔️ Work out what card size works best
✔️ How to design our cards in Canva
✔️ Choose the best printing option for you
✔️ Decide on packaging options
✔️ Launch & promote your deck

✔️ Canva Templates to get your started with your deck design
✔️ Access to our private Facebook community to ask questions & share


Have you noticed how most Hay House authors also have a card deck?
Because they sell!

Most people who love card decks don't just own one. 
They collect them. (Some might say we are deck hoarders!)
You don't need to get a Hay House publishing deal to create and publish a professional deck.

Get the credibility of a book with less work & more fun!

Card decks are an awesome way to add both income to your business as well as giving you credibility. 
Having written and published books and card decks, I can tell you, a card deck is much easier and quicker to create than a book.  
And a card deck still gives you the credibility of having a published product. 
Having a deck will instantly give you more respect as a professional in your field.

You have the power to create something beautiful, inspiring and impactful.

There is something magical about creating something and having it go out into the world and having a life beyond you. Your card deck can be used by people around the world and bring joy, comfort, inspiration and transformation.
And be an extension of your brand that touches people!

You never know where your cards will end up! I had a gentleman order a couple of my Permission Slip Card Decks. He messaged me on Facebook to say how much he loved the cards. When I asked him how he found out about them, he told me how he'd been in hospital and was in an art therapy session and the therapist gave him some cards. He loved them so much he googled them and ordered some. He said he uses them everyday and they help him a lot.

It's so touching to hear how your work goes out and makes a difference to people's lives.

Here are some of the decks that students have created


Shannon Summergreene

Marie McAneney

Sharon Veness

Vicki Martin

Cheri Hayashi

Nantah Enson

Anna Martinez

Dr TaMara Rose

Maureen Mann

May Casos

Sarah Brink

Alex Vitillo

So you might be wondering...

Yeah, okay, but Ayesha, what if...

I don't know how to use Design Software?

We are going to use Canva to design your card deck. Canva is super easy to use and I will show you how! You will also get templates to get you started. All you have to do is click the template link and it will start a new card deck for you.

You will need a Canva account to create your card deck. You don't need the premium version, the free version can be used. However, I recommend the paid version and do recommend it especially if you want to use Canva stock images (you can downgrade to the free account at any time). I cover all this in the Toolkit.

All you need is your laptop or PC and internet browser like Chrome and a Canva account (I share a link to get a free month of Canva Pro). You can use an iPad or tablet, but it is a bit harder to create designs using these.

Sure, but Ayesha, what if...

I don't have any images to use in my Card Deck Design?

I've got you! I will share my favorite sources for free and paid images. You will need text for each card and an image for the front.  Note, if you are an artist, you can use your own artwork - you will need to photograph or scan it, and then upload it to Canva. I also have a section in the course on copyright and commercial use of images.

Still, Ayesha, what if...

I don't want to spend a lot on printing?

I hear you! This whole course is designed to show you how to print your cards on demand  as affordably as possible. If you print with a traditional printer, you often need to order a ton of card decks and then  store them in your house or garage.

The cost of printing your card deck will depend on the size of each card, the number of cards in your deck, and your choice of packaging as well as the quantity you order. The more decks you order at one time, the cheaper each card deck becomes. 

You will get access to my list of printers and some have provided discount coupons for my students. 

Take a Sneak Peak
Inside the Toolkit!

Watch this short video to have a look at the course.

More Love from Amazing  Card Deck Creator Students

 "Ayesha’s facilitation style is down to earth and easy to follow. She is very generous, knowledgeable, and experienced which is a huge help when you are just starting out! I was confused about the question below. I am happy for you to use my feedback as a testimonial."

"It was the best workshop I’ve attended for some time now so thanks. I love that you got straight into it with no waffling and no fluff! I’m all set for a new deck now!"

 "Thank you Ayesha for such a wonderful class. You have literally saved me hours of research. Ayesha has a wealth of knowledge and she delivers this knowledge so clearly and compassionately. I highly recommend any of her classes. Not to mention the after care and resources she gives. Forever Grateful!

 "I really enjoyed this class. Even though I had created a card deck before I found more inspiration in the class by being part of a group of others who also were interested. It allowed me to free myself up creatively again which I felt was getting stuck and stuck and stagnant." 

About Ayesha Hilton

I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha) and I'm a deck creator, spiritual entrepreneur, and author with a passion for helping others with their creative projects.  

I fell in love with card decks as a young teenager. I suffered from extreme migraines and other health issues. I came across Louise Hay and quickly devoured her decks and books. 

In 2019, I was inspired by the work of Brené Brown to create my own card deck called Permissions Slips as a passion project.  

After I created the deck, other people contacted me to ask me for advice on creating their own decks. In response, I created a live workshop and then a self-paced course to help others create their own card decks easily and without a huge financial outlay.  

I have now had more than 1,200 students take this course and the feedback has been amazing and soul-satisfying (see the video testimonials)! 

I have also created more decks for myself (see below) as well as designing custom decks for clients.

So if you've been dreaming of creating your own inspirational, affirmation, tarot, or oracle card deck, just know, you can do it! And I want to show you how.

Here are some of the decks I have created:

More love from card deck creators

Janet Joselin

Laura West

Suzie Cheel

Sara Miles

Karen Collyer

Anna Marie Nicoletti

It's time to take that idea and transform it into something real!
Are you ready?