Discover the simple tricks to take better selfies

Master the Art of Selfies is for anyone who wants to look good in selfies.
If you hate having your photo taken, you feel like you look bad in selfies, or you  just want to take more  flattering selfies.
This course will show you simple ways to take better selfies!

Let me show you how to look good in selfies, 
even if you hate having your photo taken!

After paying for numerous photoshoots that produced photos I hated, I decided to learn how to take photos of myself that I liked.

I have distilled my learnings into this gorgeous mini course for you.

You deserve to have photos that reflect who you really are and make you feel great about yourself.

Most of the photos on my website and social media are all selfies (including the ones on this page - yes, that one of me in my aqua cardigan is a selfie!)

Learn how to take gorgeous photos
of yourself with your phone
And say goodbye to selfie-shame!

Here's what you'll learn in
Master the Art of Selifes

Short Instructional Videos to Guide you 

Short Step-By-Step Videos guide you through mastering the art of taking great selfies.
These videos are short and to the point and tell you exactly what you need to know!

1. Why SElfies

Find out why selfies are really great for your business. Selfies can be used to build connection with your audience. You can use them on socials, website, and in emails.

2. Different Types of Selfies

Find out the different types of selfies that you can take. There is more than one type of selfie!

3. Useful Tools to Take Better Selies

Discover which tools can help you take selfies like a pro - without spending a fortune!

4. Selfie Tips to Look Great

Learn the top tips for taking a better selfie. Simple things that make all the difference.

5. SelFIE Sessions

Find out how to have your very own selfie shoot and stock up on selfies.

Hi! I'm Ayesha

I am a spiritual entrepreneur, creative, and author. I have been mentoring spiritually aligned business women for more than 10 years. I have supported so many amazing women get more of their magic out into the world.  

When the publisher of my first book sent me off for a photoshoot with a renowned photographer, I was excited to have gorgeous professional photographs of myself.

Alas, that was not to be the case... the photographer confessed that he could not take a good photo of me. I get all nervous in front of the camera with other people around.

Since then, I have had several other professional photoshoots. And none of them resulted in photos I wanted to use.

Thus started my journey to mastering the art of selfies. I love how I can be myself, try out different expressions, take a ton of photos, and delete the unflattering ones!

I have used my selfies in my marketing, social media, and on my website, and even my  online dating profile.

So if you've been wanting to have decent photos of yourself, I invite you to master the art of selifes.

Selfie Examples
(Yes, these are all selfies!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like I am generally not photogenic, but when you see my photos, I look heaps better than in the photos other people take. I am a little chubby and have a round face, so it can be hard to get a decent photo of me. I encourage you to embrace selfies as a way of looking better in photos. Trust me, I hate having my photo taken!

You will need a cell/mobile phone. You can then choose to buy a ring light and stand. You can get them for as little as $15, so you don't need to spend a fortune.

Most phones these days have pretty good cameras, so you should be able to get a pretty decent photo with your current phone.

Immediately! As soon as you register, you will be asked to set up your login details for the learning portal. You will also recieve an email immediately as well!

Nope! It’s a one-time payment of only $27USD

You have lifetime access to everything included in the course. 

Master the Art of Selfies is for you if...


You hate having your photo taken


You need selfies and photos for your business & socials


You want to look better in photos