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Introducing the Printable Cards Kit
for Print@Home Cards

Everything You Need to Create & Promote Your Printable Cards!

Here's what you get in this Printable Cards Kit!

Template for the Printable PDF
(this is what you will give your audience)
Also includes pages for Thank You, Printing Instructions, How to Use the Cards, About the Creator, and a Special Offer

Social Media Promos Template
(showcase your printable cards)
These are great for socials, ads, but also for your website.

Blank Card Template
(ready for you to design your cards)

Affirmation Card Template
(you can use this as is or modify)

Video Promo Template
(showcase your cards in a video)

Video Promo Affirmation Template
(great if you're using the affirmation template)

Watch the the Affirmation Video that you get with the kit

And They Are All
Easy to Use + Customizable + Usable
(All you need is a free Canva account)

Super easy to use

Completely Customizable

Use where you want

Special Launch Price of $27 USD
It's incredible value and that's why the price will go up after the launch in June 2024
(this isn't a fake launch price that goes on for ever and ever!).

I'm giving you these juicy Custom GPTs!

(you need a paid ChatGPT account to use these)

Opt-in Page Wizard
to help you craft your opt-in web page

Email Wizard
to help you craft your welcome emails

Why use Printable Cards to grow your list?

Here are some card ideas:

For Coaches

Motivational Quote Deck
Inspirational sayings to start the day.
Goal Setting Deck
Cards with prompts to help set and achieve goals.
Daily Affirmations Deck
Positive affirmations for daily empowerment.
Coaching Question Deck
Powerful questions for client sessions.
Mindfulness Practice Deck
Exercises and techniques for mindfulness.
Self-Care Ideas Deck
Simple self-care activities.
Leadership Skills Deck
Tips and strategies for effective leadership.
Team Building Activities Deck
Fun exercises for team cohesion.
Career Development Deck
Tips for career growth and skills enhancement.
Conflict Resolution Deck
Techniques for resolving conflicts.

For Wellness Professionals

Daily Wellness Tips Deck
Practical tips for everyday health and wellness.
Holistic Lifestyle Deck
Guides for living a balanced, holistic life.
Yoga Poses Deck
Yoga sequences and postures for all skill levels.
Mindful Eating Deck
Principles and practices for mindful nutrition.
Detox Guides Deck
Step-by-step detoxification processes.
Sleep Optimization Deck
Best practices for a restful night's sleep.
Stress Management Deck
Techniques for managing and reducing stress.
Fitness Challenges Deck
Varied challenges to keep fitness routines exciting.
Mental Health Practices Deck
Exercises to support mental health and well-being.
Healthy Habit Builder Deck
Cards to help build and maintain healthy habits.

For Healers

Chakra Healing Deck
Cards detailing each chakra and associated practices.
Aromatherapy Deck
Essential oils and their uses.
Crystal Healing Deck
Information on different crystals and their properties. Herbal Remedies Deck
Healing herbs and their applications.
Reiki Principles Deck
Core principles and symbols of Reiki
Yoga Poses Deck
Different yoga poses and their benefits.
Meditation Techniques Deck
Various meditation methods and tips.
Angel Guidance Deck
Messages and guidance from angelic realms.
Spiritual Affirmations Deck
Affirmations for spiritual growth.
Energy Healing Techniques Deck
Methods for energy balancing and healing.

For Psychics & Mediums

Tarot Basics Deck
Introduction to tarot card meanings.
Psychic Development Deck
Exercises to enhance psychic abilities.
Astrology Fundamentals Deck
Key astrological concepts and symbols.
Numerology Insights Deck
Understanding numbers and their influences.
Dream Interpretation Deck
Common dreams and their meanings.
Spirit Animal Guide Deck
Discovering and understanding spirit animals. Clairvoyance Exercises Deck
Practices to develop clairvoyant skills.
Palmistry Deck
Basics of reading palms.
Past Life Exploration Deck
Prompts for uncovering past life memories.
Moon Phases Deck
Rituals and meanings associated with each phase.

General Themed Decks

Daily Gratitude Deck
Prompts to reflect on daily blessings.
Seasonal Rituals Deck
Celebrating changes through the year.
Positive Psychology Deck
Exercises and facts from positive psychology.
Vintage Wisdom Deck
Timeless advice and wisdom.
Mind Expansion Deck
Thought-provoking questions and concepts.
Creative Blocks Deck
Strategies to overcome creative barriers.
Life Milestones Deck
Celebrating and reflecting on key life events.
Daily Challenges Deck
Small daily challenges to foster growth.
Cultural Wisdom Deck
Insights and proverbs from various cultures.
Eco-Friendly Living Deck
Tips for sustainable practices and living.

About Ayesha Hilton

I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha) and I'm a deck creator, spiritual entrepreneur, and author with a passion for helping others with their creative projects.  

I fell in love with card decks as a young teenager. I suffered from extreme migraines and other health issues. I came across Louise Hay and quickly devoured her decks and books. 

In 2019, I was inspired by the work of Brené Brown to create my own card deck called Permissions Slips as a passion project.  

After I created the deck, other people contacted me to ask me for advice on creating their own decks. In response, I created a live workshop and then a self-paced course to help others create their own card decks easily and without a huge financial outlay.  

I have now had more than 1,200 students take this course and the feedback has been amazing and soul-satisfying (see the video testimonials)! 


Blank Cards Template
Affirmation Cards Template
Printable Cards Template
Social Media Promo Template
Video Promo Template

Each template is designed in a user-friendly format that allows you to add your own text, images, and branding elements.

Offer them as a download on your website or as a gift to new subscribers. They’re also perfect for workshops, seminars, and client packages.

Absolutely! We encourage you to customize and distribute the printed cards and promotional materials as part of your business strategy.

The templates can be used with a free or a Pro account.

You will receive an email immediately after you sign up. The email will be from Ayesha Hilton. This will give you access to the online portal where you can access the Canva template links as well as an instructional videos.

Here's what others have said about my  signature offering, the Card Deck Creators Toolkit... 

(This Card Deck Mockups is a new offering so I don't have any testimonials yet, but the ones I share on this page will show you the quality of what I offer.)

 "Crikey! The Canva demo was great. So was looking at the order page process. The whole thing was really useful." 

"It was the best workshop I’ve attended for some time now so thanks. I love that you got straight into it with no waffling and no fluff! I’m all set for a new deck now!"


 "Thank you Ayesha for such a wonderful class. You have literally saved me hours of research. Ayesha has a wealth of knowledge and she delivers this knowledge so clearly and compassionately. I highly recommend any of her classes. Not to mention the after care and resources she gives. Forever Grateful!

 "I really enjoyed this class. Even though I had created a card deck before I found more inspiration in the class by being part of a group of others who also were interested. It allowed me to free myself up creatively again which I felt was getting stuck and stuck and stagnant." 

Shannon Summergreene

Marie McAneney

Sharon Veness

Vicki Martin

Cheri Hayashi

Nantah Enson

Maureen Mann

May Casos

Anna Martinez

Alex Vitillo

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