Join me for this VIP session to work on your deck!

I am offering this VIP session to help you get your deck images done!

This is a great way for us to work together to generate the artwork that you want for your deck. 

 Here's what we can do in the session:  
- Work through your card deck idea 
- Work in Canva together to create a design for your deck 
- Generate images for your deck using Midjourney (and possibly other tools)

After the session, I will upscale the images you want for your deck. 
I will also provide a Canva file that has your images in it. 
I will then email you after the session with all the links.  

You get the exclusive commercial rights for all the images.

Please note: depending on the complexity of your deck, number of images, and the types of images you want, you may need to book in for additional sessions to get all your images done. 

Before I changed to this model, I was charging $1,750 for custom deck design and pre-made white label decks for $1,200.  

The cost is currently $597 for this VIP experience.

I look forward to supporting you in creating your card deck! 

Before your session, you need to complete a form about your deck. 
I need quite a bit of information to be able to work on your deck with you. 
I want you to get the most out of this time with me. 
Once you have completed the form, I will send you a link to book and pay for your VIP session.